Halyna Yakushko

Your fixer guide via Ukraine
Sustainability news gathering

8-years’ experience in Mass Media; freelance at international broadcasters: Current time, Radio Liberty, BBC Ukraine, Belsat TV; regional editor and on-the-scene reporter at INTER TV Channel, analytic journalist for most popular weekly program in Ukraine “TSN Tyzhden”


• can find a qualified cameraman and do filming with technical requirement
• can do online interview for you and translate it
• can do interview on camera in Ukraine 

Remote work

• translation of any kind of interview online (via zoom, telegram etc)
• translation of an audio from Ukrainian and Russian to English and vice versa 
• finding any person you want for online interview
• finding you an information on Ukrainian websites and translating it for you 
• finding you an additional information on topics you want (communication with authorities, acquaintance etc

Finding workers in Ukraine

• can find you a fixer for any price and with different qualification
• can find you an online translator (polish, Spanish, German and other)
• can set your logistics 
• can do accreditation documents for you (need press card, id, photo )


• escort you via Ukraine, any non occupied territories
• set up filming for you (find a hero for you report, communicate with authority, prepare permission documents)
• translate from Ukrainian and Russian to English and vice versa